The five keys to confidence at work

Let's be clear, I am not at. And I put the team back. "Julie, brilliant Polytechnique 35 years, remembers how she had slammed after a presentation before a missed big boss. While senior executive in a big bank, she lived what psychologists call the "impostor syndrome" persuaded to usurp the place of someone else, that it would have been more appropriate. In contrast, his sister Mary, painter, flourished in his workshop, and confident of its future. Although the two young women received the same education, was a prey to doubt permanent, while the other walked with confidence. Why such a difference?

According to the Institute of Environmental Medicine (IME), the key to our behavior lies in self-esteem, which is based on three pillars. Temperament, which consists of deep motivations and preferences, is forged from 0 to 6 months: this is the basis of personality. Confidence called spontaneous asserts 
 at age 3 years, when the child begins to say "no", and reinforced at puberty. Finally, the character is built at each stage of development and experiences of the individual. Or just a lack of a failure in our development as self-esteem is fragile. Adult, specific situations - having to deal with an authority figure like a CEO, move up the ranks, negotiate a big contract ... - can bring back this vulnerability. But self-esteem is not like the color of your eyes, you can make change. Five avenues to get there.

1. Support yourself on your natural disposition 

"I want to be lab technician. But in college biology, I depressed. And the day I had to dissect a frog, I decamped. "Celine Chaubard, manager at Companeo (SME board), then shifted to a different chain, sales, where she is pursuing a successful career. "Today, she says, 
 I am responsible for a team of telemarketers. It would be a mistake to persist in seeking me when I relational fiber and flavor of challenge. "" When you go to his natural predispositions, it is unlikely to fail, "says Pascal Vancutsem, coach leaders at Coaching & Performance.

To identify yours, pay attention to your emotions. In what area do you feel act with ease and fun? If you have a strong sense of internal security is that you are in tune with your true nature. In contrast, following a path that is not his fragile. This is what happened to Julie: conforming to parental diagram of an elitist career, she has upset his taste for financial expertise and altered his opinion of herself. And when she gained a function of top management, the beautiful building is cracked. Whereas according to his artistic vocation, his sister drew on inner motivations.

You press, you also on your talents and natural facilities, whatever the guidelines of your job description. Like the contact? Use the opportunity to create a link between your employees, for example. You are inclined to support the discretion but love? Be present in case of difficulty.

Self-esteem is tested

Self-esteem: Are you your best friend?
For each statement, several possible answers: very strongly (7 points) Strongly (5 points) Moderately (3 points) or low (1 point). Note the number of points at the end of the test it will be useful to know the test results.

Self-esteem: Are you your best friend?

You see life optimistically

You feel perfectly balanced mental

You do not take you seriously

You feel physically fit and make sure your health

You have fun and time to dress up your taste

You appreciate the compliments of your surroundings

If you give the wrong you succeed very well in general

You have a thirst for learning in many areas

Self-esteem: Are you comfortable in your life?
For each statement, several possible answers: very strongly (7 points) Strongly (5 points) Moderately (3 points) or low (1 point). Note the number of points at the end of the test it will be useful to know the test results.

Self-esteem: Are you comfortable in your life?

Are you satisfied with your current fate

You like to make decisions and stick to them

You feel no reluctance to change

You like to take risks

You know going into the unknown

You have very clear goals in your head

You dare to take initiatives without waiting drives you

Self-esteem: Are you comfortable with others?
For each statement, several possible answers: very strongly (7 points) Strongly (5 points) Moderately (3 points) or low (1 point). Note the number of points at the end of the test it will be useful to know the test results.

Self-esteem: Are you comfortable with others?

Like listening to others

You believe to be respected by others

Like you say in public

You tend to say things in front

Like talking to people even when you disagree with them

You like to look people in the eye when you talk to them

You are interested in what is positive in others

confidence and sport

For over twenty years, there are a craze in France for martial arts. So it is a philosophy that fits through a wide variety of disciplines. The clubs are becoming more numerous and accessible to all; there are many amateur athletes and spectators. Karate and judo are the stars disciplines.

The orientations of these martial arts are conquering the well-being, relaxation and a positive return on oneself.
Karate means "empty hand", is practiced in a "dojo" or training room, "with empty hands with bad intentions." There are now 160,000 licensed in France. You can begin this practice from the age of 6 years. The moves are outlined and codified and there is no body to body. A karate uniform, lighter than judogi and, as in judo are worn, the color of the belt indicates the level of the practitioner. You must use the body's natural weapons: fists, knife hand, elbows, feet. These are the vulnerable points of the enemy that form the target.
The nine virtues of karate are: honor, loyalty, sincerity, courage, kindness, humility, honesty, respect, and finally self-control. The demonstration of kata, or imaginary battle consists of a sequence of movements, is a form of competition. The "cry that kills" or "kiai" is unifying and liberating energy.
Aikido has its share of movements to be free of obstacles (mental and muscle) and breathe deeply. Both sport agility and art of defense, aikido has dodges and against companies. As for judo, the strength of the opponent turns against itself .. Harmony, balance, concentration, decisiveness and speed of reflexes, all these qualities are required by aikido. It is necessary to warm up before training as aikido works the joints much
Judo, non-violent, was invited to the last century by Jigoro Kano, a Japanese who could not stand the fittest. It draws on the ancient techniques of the samurai and includes firms that return the power of the enemy against itself. It lists 550,000 graduates in France, 75% of children. This is a very educational sport that can be practiced at the age of twelve.
The first technique is to acquire one of the fall. The training and competitions take place on a carpet, "tatami" which cushions falls. Judogi and a belt with its level on door. The movements of judo are grouped by categories: movement of the hips, legs, shoulders, etc.. With a gradation in difficulty.
You do not cheat in judo. This is an egalitarian sport where money is not an obstacle for financial participation is minimal and the kimono is usually paid by the clubs. This discipline is very demanding and even the champions continue to train daily. It is a school of life where respect for the opponent, modesty, self-control and bravery are the basic rules.

Overcome its complex, it's easy

If some (s) live well with their little flaws, others "are a disease." Certainly, no one is perfect, but the complexed person polarized on one of its imperfections (physical or mental), assigns all his failures (I did not have this job because I'm fat, this girl n is not out with me because of my teeth ...), and is convinced that if the defect had not existed, his life would have been considerably brighter. Causes of these often unspoken complex: a "predisposition" to perfectionism (complexed refuse to be average, lambda), upon which are grafted wounds of childhood, or adolescence, justified (demeaning nicknames classmates, remarks adult ...).
Balance, even in adulthood, and despite a rather successful life, some complex spill over into our daily lives. This woman conceal her breasts, she hates, under loose blouses, another does show that under his left profile (his right ear is "horribly" peeled)! In extreme cases, it is called "body dysmorphic disorder" (or have a phobia of deformity), which is a condition of me: if the victim has a bad image of her that she is unable to see it as it is actually.
Overcome its complex
Agree to be common:
A bit of realism: you will never make the cover of "She" or "M Magazine". Is that so bad? This prevents you from there to have a spouse, friends, children, a job that you like? No! Then agree not to be part of the great of this world, and make your mourning your dream model. And look around a bit you with insight;
Get to the point:
Do not assign all your troubles in your complex: this is an easy solution, which often prevents you see the point. You have not received your oral exam? The reason it is not to be found in the low work done (or lack of knowledge of the subject), rather than in your flat nose or your saddlebags? You focus on a detail ... but understand that others see you in your whole!
Talk to someone you trust (best friend, spouse) of this defect you rot life, ask an honest opinion and really listen to what he responds. Consult a cosmetic surgeon who may either reassure you or tell you how to fix your imperfection radical to disgust you go under the knife and you learn to make do with what you have! If your complex you really depressed or make you terribly shy, an interview with a psychologist or psychiatrist can be very helpful.
Choose your entourage:
Often, people whose self-esteem has failed to surround evil, and seek without knowing an entourage that criticism easily. Avoid many additional suffering by choosing rather people who really love you for what you are, and do not take pleasure in you down ...
Find confidence in yourself:
You will be valued more (e) (regardless of the domain), the less you focaliserez on your kinks. Widen your areas of expertise, expand areas (professional or personal) in which you feel comfortable, progress professionally or socially, you make new friends ...

The self-confidence of your children

The development of your child concerned. You want him to learn quickly discovers, is interested in everything and feel comfortable in front of others. In short, you secretly hope that your child is the most perfect in the world, and have confidence in him. However, by dint of over-stimulating, you may instead of digging a hole in his esteem. The advice of Dr. Gisele George, a child psychiatrist and author of "The self-confidence of your child" *.
The self-confidence of children she follows directly from the confidence of parents in their child?
Dr. Gisele George: It does not follow, the children draw on the look of confidence that parents refer to their potential ... even if they are also able to change the reference in this field. But it is so much stronger when it comes from people they trust the most.
How to show the way forward: tap into resources and face adversity as failure, violence, death of a parent?
Dr George: First, we must be honest with him, life is not a bed of roses. We must say that sometimes it will be difficult to live with at times. The parent must be able to say as his emotions: many try to hide their sadness and anguish. But it is a waste because children, as I say in my book, perfectly decode their parents. It is possible to say that one is oneself sad when a parent, one is anxious about his professional future is lost and that is why we put maybe a little too much pressure on the child.

Recognize that we have emotions, but also tell him that he can talk about his. Is there a good way to go when a small orphaned? Nobody can answer such a question. By cons, we can recognize the child's pain and allow him to speak. Do not tell him that he should forget, turn the page and it is not the only one in the world to experience such a tragedy. Better to let him cry, saying his anger ... This will allow it to heal and move forward. It is also necessary that the parent has the courage to face the distress of his child and recognize powerless to help. Be recognized and heard in his suffering helps to overcome obstacles. A child does not ask for more.

What is Self Esteem and How to Tackle Self Esteem Issues

Self esteem is defined as how a person perceives one’s self. These days quite a number of people suffer from self esteem issues, which can exacerbate into more serious health problems like anxiety attacks and depression. These issues are often caused by an overwhelming sense of negativity that people cannot seem to shake off no matter how hard they try. This article will endeavour to explain the underlying issues that have an impact on self esteem, and how one may overcome these problems easily. It is not uncommon for people to suffer from self esteem related issues every now and then. It only becomes a problem when the issues drag on and worsen over time, and the person ends up developing mental health issues. Low self esteem problems usually begin when your perspective about yourself and the world around you changes and goes on a negative spiral. This can happen when you receive negative criticism about yourself, or blamed for something that you believe you were not a part of. This can also happen if something traumatic had occurred in your formative years that triggers a sense of self loathing. But the thing you should know is that being adversely affected by the negative things that people might say will do you no good at all. As an adult, you should have the ability to filter out the good from the bad, so whenever someone gives you a negative feedback or criticism you have the choice of either taking it to heart or shrugging it off. If you truly believe that the other person is trying to give you some sensible advice, then consider their words carefully, introspect, and then move on. Do not linger on negative notions and allow them to affect your sense of self worth. In order to build up a solid, unshakable self esteem, you need to take several things into consideration. The first thing you should always do is be constantly aware of what is being said to you. Do not always take what others say as a put down. Not all criticisms are negative, and if you know who your true friends are, you will know that the criticism is meant to make you a better person. The second thing you need to do is to always think that the problem does not always necessarily lie with you, but with the critic. Most people tend to make negative comments to make themselves feel good. These people feed off of the negativity that they breed in others, they are prideful to a fault and will always try to make themselves feel better by making someone feel worse off. You need to identify these types of people, and stay away from them if possible. If staying away from these negative people is not possible, then you should consider this last tip: Be assertive. You need to show them that they do not have any power over you, and that they cannot feed off of your negativity. You can counteract their negative comments with these simple words: “I am sorry you feel that way.” This is a way of showing that you will not allow their comments to affect you negatively. Ultimately, the most important thing is to love yourself. Love yourself, and you will find that you would have built up an impenetrable suit of armour comprising of solid self esteem.

3 Tips For Beating Low Self Esteem Immediately

Allow me to begin with a simple illustration of how 'low self esteem' feels like. An eight year old boy told his mother one day," Mummy, I've done studying Math. I think I'm not going to make it." The mother, obviously concerned with the statement said," Son, why are you saying this? You should be more positive about this test..." With a weary look on his face, the boy finally musters all his might and told the mother,"Ok Mummy. I'm positive about this test. I'm positive that I WILL fail the test!" Did you 'feel' the boy's low self esteem? Even if this illustration were too simplistic, the message was not: low self esteem is devastating. So here is 3 tips you can immediately apply to beat low self esteem. Tip 1: Pause, and think," How did I manage this successfully last time?" Low self esteem is an emotion. And it took place subconsciously. It is proven through extensive Psychological research such as in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming, it is possible to control emotion by interrupting its pattern with conscious 'emotional-related' question, like Tip 1. It is good to know that subconscious mind respond to conscious mind, and for the question above, subconscious mind will search the database for previously successful experience. The outcome of it? It will evoke the same emotional response it used to have. In this case, it's confidence ("I've successfully handled this before."). Low self esteem beaten immediately. Tip 2: Drop whatever that you are doing It is likely that you will produce the same response of low self esteem if you continue with your current course of action. The better way to handle this, immediately, is to stop whatever you are doing and to take different action. For instance, if studying math lower your self esteem because you seem to make mistakes every step of the way then stop! Take a nap. Go out and take a brisk walk. Anything. As long as you don't just sit and crank your head try to figure out everything. Tip 3: Pay attention to your physic. 'What is your body tries to tell you?' I was provoked by one of my trainers during a session. She challenged me, "Grin from ear to ear, round up your eyes, jump up and down, and try to feel sad. Can you 'feel' it?" I have to confess that it was harder than trying to find a needle in a haystack. So, whenever you look down, your eyes glaze left and right looking for exit or you speak extra fast just to let everything out, pause. Raise your chin up. Look at the person in the eyes (don't stare though), ask question and respond to the question one at a time. Can you experience low self esteem if you did all these? These are three tips I personally use myself whenever I'm facing with situation that has the potential to push me to experience low self esteem. What I like the most about these tips is that, I'm in total control in using them. No outside apparatus or special condition needed before I begin using them. That's a big help because I can never tell when those situations will pay me a visit. 'Always be prepared.' Can you imagine having a surefire insurance against low self esteem which you have total control over it can do to your motivation, and performance, be it personal or business? What else can you achieve if you have higher self esteem? You can choose to use tips on how to have higher self esteem, and hide your low self confidence area until it becomes unbearable. Or you can beat low self esteem and raise your esteem level along the way. Which one works best for you? And if you want another 3 effective tips to immediately beat low self esteem, you can find it at:

Quick & Easy Self Esteem Tests

People should avoid low self esteem forever and should never hesitate in taking credits of their achievements but it is better to be modest. Self esteem is one of the most important part of a happy life as well as a corner stone of a happy relationship. It is also includes an integral part of life which should blossom with activities as well as be devoid of mundane subjects. You should also ensure a secured life and benchmark your career and growth on the basis of sources of aspirations from others. A word of caution is given to ensure no comparison with others and this subtle distinction you should maintain from the aspect of inspirational sources. Whenever you administer this test you can get a flash report immediately which can assure you on the accuracy of the test and you should be objective and honest this questionnaire. The following administrations of tests are made from the points of view of answering a question when asked for. You must try to answer as far as possible and sometimes you should not. There has to be a regimen which should control and indicate others mistakes without losing tinge of the best options derived by possibilities. You must try to pin point others mistakes which are important from the point of view of taking up these matters. There should be an objective approach in answering. If you listen to the appraisers who are positive and are not negative in their approach their mistakes you should not have committed. You should try to bring your own achievements as a part of your conversation and should not forget the aspect of ignoring another person. When somebody tries to pin point your mistakes constructively or failures then you should shed aside such thoughts and think positively as well as think about good comments which are important aspects it should not be ignored. Whenever you make a mistake it should be brought to your attention from the point of view of getting the best performances through. Your first impression about other people normally happens to be correct but you should reserve your impression for a few more times. This is because all the facets of a personality do not come to surface at the time of first meeting because it is restricted only to the conversation and manifestation that takes place during the first meeting. Whenever you take decisions you should try to invite a principle of empathy. Whenever you fall short of various commitments you should try to buck up and maintain a relentless endeavor from the point of view of bringing about improvements. Whenever you are comfortable you can accept your mistakes but you should ensure that the other party is constructive about it. Destructive criticism should be ignored and you should go on your path on the road of your development against all odds. You have a feeling that others tend to be better than yours that you should have a discerning approach from the points of view of assessing your judgment appropriately. You should not mess up everything when it comes to surface. When somebody has developed love for you we should create a situation whereby trust worthiness is established. You should always maintain a high rating of yourself for ensuring your own objective people to guarantee you. To conclude, quick and easy self esteem tests should be administered for the development of personalities. This also includes standard of living including quality of life which will enhance your prestige and comfort. Amit Patel Bhawani writes different tech news related topics and also offers professional Career tips for students in order to develop their future. You can check out his website at